The oneness and uniqueness of Allah

There is nothing that is like unto Allah

Allah says in the noble Quran:

"We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. But is it not sufficient concerning your Lord that He is, over all things, a Witness?"

We have to mention the doer of an action in order to understand the action. For example when I say that a child hit me with all his strength, and that a strong man hit me with all his strength; the action is the same while the doers are totally different. This is applicable in our worldly laws; this invites us to give thought about the force of Allah almighty.

Some misleading people try to fool humans and to raise some points that ostensibly contradict the human brain. But Allah –the most high– provided examples and details for each case when thought ostensibly collides with what the human brain understands, to make it closer to our understanding and to enable us to face the misleading people with certain evidence. This is a favor from Allah –the most wise-.

For example, One of those atheists – in their trial to show a contradiction between Allah's revelation and the human comprehension- says: How do you believe in what has no space, no location and no time. They may say that they believe in what they see only.

The question I ask here is about man, about yourself, you wonder about what is with no space and no location and no time, and I ask you about your spirit, where is this spirit that makes everybody work, utter, see and live? Is it in your heart that beats as long as the spirit exists? Is it in your eyes that make them see things? Is it in your ears enabling them to hear sounds? Is it in your chest that makes it breathe? Or is it in your stomach allowing it to do its job to feed your body? Is it in the hands making them moving and doing what you want? Is it in your feet enabling you to walk? Is it in your mind that makes you think? Where is the spirit exactly? Can you locate it?
 Some people may say that it's in your brain which is the part you are acting by and it gives signals for all other parts, but this can be refuted by the fact that in the body there are hundreds of parts (things) that work without volition (i.e.: non volitional); heart beats in non volitional way, and the blood circulates in the veins without your will, and man is breathing without his will, to the latest stuff. So there is a spirit and it is a creature of God the Almighty, Allah has placed it in your body. In spite of this fact and the very limited space of your body, you cannot tell where the spirit is exactly.
If we want to determine the spirit's weight, we say that the body does not lose anything when a person dies; weight is the same although the spirit has gone out of the body, and from here you cannot define the location or weight of human spirit. It is a creature by the will of Allah the Almighty, if you want to specify a time specifically and scientifically without hue of self, you cannot, as you do not know if the spirit existed before you were born or not, and you do not know where it goes after death, and do not know its age before the Day of Judgment and not after that day. If God hadn't told us about spirit and what happens before the birth of man and after the death of man, we wouldn't have known anything about it due to our inability to know that by our brains. Moreover, humans do not know how much time the spirit will remain in one's body in spite of all attempts, man may die suddenly due to a disease or a sudden accident; no one can predict that one. We do not know when is the time of death, and cannot know, no matter how much advances in science are achieved, and cannot know of any land we die. We conclude that for human spirit, time cannot be determined, its place cannot be located and the material or weight cannot be known.

So, for the human spirit we cannot determine location, even inside our little body, time and weight; though it is the essence of our life, we cannot live without it. This is just one evidence Allah provided to humans in order for them to understand his signs and believe in him. Allah simplified this concept and enabled us to understand it even by our little brain capabilities (Allah is the all-wise).