Islam Resources in other Languages

English Islamic Books:
1- Principle of Islam for new Muslims(Learn how to pray and more)

2- general definition of Islam:

3- Many people who want to learn Islam or are new converts find it hard to have a simplified guide that explains to them the basics of Islam in a nutshell; so I decided to collect the basic guidelines and gather them in an e-book I named it "Basic Islam" for Introducing Islam .

4- Why Hijab?


6-islamway english site:

French Islamic Books:
1- Aperçus sur : L’Islam - Le Qur’ân - Le Jihâde - Le Terrorisme:

2- Découvrez l'Islam :

3- other french books:

German Islamic Books: Duitse islamitische boeken

Chinese Islamic Book:
- What should you know about Islam( Chinese):

Other Books and Resources: